Appetisers and drinks in Humayunpur.

It seems to be officially called Majnu Ka Tila La Phing by Jordan & Yeshi, but everyone in college calls it Jordan’s so that what I’m going with.

It’s one of the smallest sit-in restaurants I’ve been to — can only fit 6 or so people. They serve so few things that they have a 1-page menu don’t even have a menu. One guy inside sells momos (chicken & pork) and La Phing; and the other some milkshakes & juices. I’ve heard they also have some pretty great cocktails, but couldn’t get my hands on any when I visited.

They also have Veg La Phing which took me by surprise and turned out to be really good. For the first time I also so La Phing with a dry wai-wai add-on making it crunchy. Really good.

It took me multiple visits to Humayunpur to finally find this place open. So if you’re going especially for Jordan’s – call first, or have a back up in mind.