Experience Hanoi in India.

It’s a small canteen on the back-side of the embassy, hidden from the road. It’s open to the general public on Fridays, only for three hours (12:30 PM to 3:00 PM). It has all the great elements — chilled beer, authentic food, friendly staff, and a great feel. (The canteen actually looks and feels very similar to the place in Hanoi where Anthony Bourdain had dinner with Obama.)

Had the chicken pho, buff pho, the buff stew, dry noodles, and the spring rolls, but the Bum Cha was the clear standout. Do ask for the pickled ginger after your meal, and get there before 1:30 PM if you don’t want a limited menu to pick from.

It’s on the expensive side of the general authentic food price range and should cost upwards of ₹500/person usually, so go with a big group to try more dishes. If you’re not sure if you’ll be too late or not, just call them, they’ll give you an honest answer and tell you to try again next week.

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