Vietnamese hole in the wall in South Delhi.

This little restaurant in Hauz Khas is quite expensive for authentic food, even when compared to the Vietnamese Embassy Canteen. However, when I found out that it had a wider menu, and that it too was run by a Vietnamese family, I knew I had to go.

We had the veg summer rolls, a veg pho, braised pork, and the roasted pork belly. All of which was really good. Also got an artichoke iced tea, and Vietnamese iced coffee, but neither was impressive and just added a few hundred (??) rupees onto the bill. All in all, it cost us a bomb, so even though I’m definitely going again, it’ll be maybe when I have a little extra money saved up.

The place shuts in the afternoon after 2:30 PM, so don’t go in expecting to have a long laid-back lunch. It’s a tiny place which fills up really fast, so call them to book a table in advance. If you’re eating on what has some sort of semblance of a budget, go with a big group, or else you’ll come back hungry (or broke).

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