Famous Tibetan restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi.

Of all restaurants that I would call ‘authentic’, Tee Dee might be the one I’ve visited frequented the most in my 4.5 years in New Delhi. It’s located in Majnu Ka Tila (Delhi’s main Tibetan refugee colony), close to one of its gates. Even though they have a long menu and also serve Punjabi and Indo-chinese food (both of which I would guess aren’t great), I have never found it necessary to venture beyond the Tibetan pages.

Momos, shabhaley, thukpa gyathuk (noodle soup), themthuk (noodle soup with flat noodles), all really good. Stick to the simpler options with buff (or chicken) and they’ll never disappoint. The momos are also a much needed break from the dry, mass-produced ones you get across the city. If you’re feeling a little adventurous (and if you don’t mind offal) try the gyuma (tibetan sausage), lowa khatsa (fried lung) and chely (tongue). There don’t seem to be too many vegetarian options, so the best ordering strategy would be to have the Tibetan Veg Thali, it has a tigmo, a mix vegetable with glass noodle (phing), rice and a yellow Indian-ish dal.

Servings are reasonably large and the final bill would rarely cross Rs. 300/person. There’s no dessert, but do have the Tibetan Butter Tea if you still have some space for it.

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