Hidden Syrian oasis in Delhi.

Apparently, the Apollo Hospital in Jasola has been drawing in so many clients from the middle-east, that multiple restaurants have come up to cater to their demand. Supply following the demand, classic. I’m not a big fan of newspapers, except when they tell me about a completely new set of restaurants to try in the city.

Ya Mal Alsham seems like the most successful of the lot, it already has multiple branches across the city. I visited the one in Karol Baug. Its a hole in the wall restaurant, but has some of the best Mediterranean food I’ve ever had in India.

We had a falafel wrap, the kebab chicken platter, and the tabbouleh salad. All amazing; the falafel slightly grilled but soft, the chicken tender, and the salad nice and juicy. Prices are steep but portions are commensurate. I haven’t found a more authentic meal of this kind in Delhi yet, feel free to drop a word if you do. It has quite an expansive menu, and they also serve Iraqi bread and Syrian coffee, both of which I want to try, so I’m definitely visiting again.

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