My Intro to Manipuri cuisine.

It’s one of the more happening places in Humayunpur (Safdarjung) and fulfills most of my rules. However, I had the first Manipuri meal of my life here and having no frame of comparison, I can’t really comment on the food’s authenticity. That being said, I thought the food was really tasty and had a good time.

With similar previous explorations I noticed, that amongst many Indian cuisines, tastes converge at dal-chawal aspects of the Thali. Knowing that, we avoided ordering a Thali, and focussed on ordering more appetisers and separate mains instead.

We got there a little late, and had a limited set of options to choose from. Accordingly, we ordered the eromba (a traditional chutney made with vegetables and mash potatoes), veg singju (a salad with cabbage, perilla and vegetables), a pork curry which was red and spicy, and a broth-y chicken curry; and ended the meal with a pot of Roselle Tea. Loved everything apart from the eromba, which was a little too sour for my liking. Definitely visiting again though.

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