The Big Chill of Humayunpur.

This is one of the places in Humayunpur that don’t quite fit in. It’s fancier and serves more non-authentic food than most of the places around. They call themselves a “Heart-crafted Brew & Eatery”, and I like to call them the Big Chill of Humayunpur. Nevertheless, the food is delicious, and there are consumer benefits to reap from (1) the smaller scale of operations, (2) the north-eastern specials they have, and mainly (3) the price point.

We ordered the Cultured Breakfast which had a big crepe, sautéed & grilled vegetables and hash-browns; and an Assamese Roast Pork thali from the special menu. While the Thali was really good, the breakfast didn’t meet the mark. It was huge and all individual food items were quite tasty, but it didn’t seem worth it to come all the way for it. Like always, the vegetables, pork curry, sides, and achar (pickle) were much better than the dal-chawal. Seeing the apple cinnamon bread pudding come in freshly made, we ended up trying it and it was an absolute delight.

Had a good time, but we realized we ordered wrong. Instead of the breakfast meal, should’ve gotten their pancakes or burgers or pork ribs, all of which are supposed to be much better. If you end up trying it, do let me know what you thought.

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