This place should usually not require any introduction. Nevertheless, Abdul Ghani Qureshi Kebab Corner (“Qureshis“) is one of the most famous eating joints near Jama Masjid, Old Delhi.

They have a short two-page menu, but famous for, and completely nail the Seekh Kebabs, which you have with fresh roomali rotis. Kebabs have chicken, mutton and buff versions; I’m usually a fan of the latter two, not that those made with chicken are bad.

It’s open till midnight (or sometimes I’ve heard till 1 AM), and almost always crowded. The place is on the main road, surrounded by a few butcher shops, dumpsters and traffic, over and above that you have to eat standing up, which can be off-putting for many. For these people they also have a sit-in hall inside the gully right next to the main shop, including an even more exclusive hall where you can only sit if there’s a female in your group. These halls don’t have a surcharge, so thats a big relief.

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