Here are some open questions I’m pursuing these days apart from my work.

Food and Nutrition

  • What makes good food good? What are Lindy definitions of healthy food?
  • The future of food delivery and decentralized kitchens; what is Zomato is doing wrong?
  • Cultures of food across the world, and how modernity is ruining the dinner-table.


  • How well does Taleb’s barbell strategy work for passive investors?
  • Re-read Principles (Ray Dalio), Margin of Safety (Seth Klarman), Intelligence Investor (Benjamin Graham) to figure out how to start investing my money before I graduate from school.
  • Side-stepping Indian regulation and owning crypto in India,
  • Understanding the basics of econometrics and derivatives trading,
  • Learn the basics of accounting and personal finance.
  • How do you create digital-first systems so that people don’t have to worry about their personal finance ever again?


  • What constitutes modernity? What are the problems that it’ll bring? How do we as a society, or as an individual insulate ourselves from its effects?
  • What about the West makes most other countries copy them? Why is it the cultural force that it is?
  • Does the USA disproportionately contribute to the number of conspiracy theorists, cultists, and outlier “crazy” people on earth? If yes, what about America makes it so?
  • How do you identify the “top” individuals early in their careers?

Future Cities

  • Are large startups (E.g., Stripe) the perfect size to create new-age corporate-run cities?
  • With independence very recent for many countries, how do you change the “neocolonialism” narrative around charter cities and make people welcome it?
  • What makes good cities good? (Read Order without Design)

Biology & Evolution

  • Read Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life (Charles Darwin),
  • The intersection of evolutionary psychology with markets, arts, consumption, and the sustainability of civilization,
  • Evolutionary psychology – separating the noise (case in point, IQ) from the generally useful first-principles.


  • How do private equity deals work? What are the messy details that require a deal to be structured?
  • Original-side civil and arbitration proceedings.

Data Science

  • R/Python, Basics of Data Analysis, Visualisation, (Introduction to) Calculus, Probability & Statistics, Linear Regression
  • Auditing Rafael Irizarry’s EdX course [Textbook]